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Dear Student,

As per Gaber & Co’s culture, we are committed to build better business community. One of the tools to achieve this mission is to provide technical courses and training to take you or your team to the next level. We are making sure to include case studies from the real professional world into our courses to let you feel the value added from syllabus text. We provide training for the accountants in several accounting and auditing topics. Also we provide US GAAP and IFRS training which help you to pass your professional certificates.


We have a strong instructors who have mixed of practical and teaching experiences. Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiry of our Technical Courses offers.

Bassem Gaber, CPA

Managing Partner


Bassem A. Gaber, CPA

Managing Partner


Ping Us:

Cell: +20(122)499-6555

Phone: +20(2)2454-7464

FB Page: GCOFirm

Linkedin: GCO Accounting Firm

Twitter: GCO Accounting Firm

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