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Paying too much tax?

Where can I make tax savings?

Both businesses and employees can sometimes pay too much tax, there are various reasons for this. If you are paying too much tax, here are a few areas where you might be able to save on tax:

  • Income Tax: Are you making full use of your personal tax allowance and reliefs to save tax? We’ll quickly look over your affairs to make sure.

  • Corporation Tax: Whether you run a single company or a whole group, our tax specialists will help you retain more profit or extract more value from your business.

  • Tax Planning: How you structure your affairs can have a massive impact on the tax you pay. We’ll come up with an individual tax plan that could reduce your tax bill.

  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT): If you sell your valuable items you may need to pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT). We’ll work out what you owe or tell you if the asset’s exempt.

  • International Tax: Whether doing business internationally or planning to operate outside Egypt, or investing in Egypt to run a business or live here, we can help you save non Egyptian tax as well as Egyptian local taxes.

  • Tax Schemes: Alternative tax schemes offer different levels of risk. Our tax saving experts will help you find the options you’re comfortable with.

How can Gaber & Co help if you are paying too much tax?

We’ve got some of the best tax people in the business to help you and your company make tax savings. Our team had many tax inspections through previous years and worked closely with local governmental authorities.


To find out how if you are paying too much tax, contact Gaber & Co – we can save you money 

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