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Audit & Assurance

A financial audit is the detailed testing of a company’s financial records, transactions, and reporting procedures. The goal of a financial audit is to verify your company’s financial position is being accurately reported in all material aspects. As a result of the financial audit, Gaber & Co auditors will express an opinion on the fairness and accuracy of your company’s financial statements as well as suggest improvements to the organization’s control systems.

Audits are performed often times because they are required by law. However, audits exist because they add value to an organization, this is how:

  • Adding credibility and direct communication with company's stakeholders.

  • Reduced risks because of human error or fraud

  • Better loan rates. Banks will require assurance about the company's financial position.

  • Used by the Tax Authority during the tax inspection.

  • More business opportunities, through providing audit financials to insurance companies, possible investment opportunities and M&A.

Our scope of service:

  • Financial Statements Statutory Audit

  • Interim Audit

  • Financial Statement Review

  • Reporting on Financial Statements prepared under IFRS.

  • Financial Statement translation 

  • Examination of prospective Financial Information (Financial Forecasts & Projections).

  • Examination of Company's KPIs.

  • Due Diligence Review.

  • Compilation of Financial Statements.

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Bassem Gaber, CPA

Audit & Advisory Partner




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