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Welcome to the Gaber & Co services information page. We are a premier provider of Business Consulting Services. Also, we provide Assurance and Tax services. Our goal is to provide the very best quality in our professional services provided to our valued clients to let their business grow up within the challenging environment. Because our quality control standards are high, our Consulting Services are among the best in the business lines and growing up very fast. Our goal is to always deliver high quality of professional services to our clients. Here is a short list of our services:

Audit & Assurance

If you are looking for bank loans or if you are filing your financial statements to the public, you are in the right page !

Our professionals ensure clients accounts comply with requisite and provide a robust and clear perspective to audit committees and critical information to shareholders.

We provide wide range of assurance services including Audit, Review, Compilation and other Attestation services. Our team have a strong experience with assurance services for about 10 years ago.


Ping Us:

Cell: +20(122)499-6555

Phone: +20(2)2454-7464

FB Page: GCOFirm

Linkedin: GCO Accounting Firm

Twitter: GCO Accounting Firm


Our professionals are helping our clients to understand and manage their tax compliance and reporting obligations responsibly and proactively. We help them assess, improve and monitor their tax function processes, controls and risk management and maintain effective relationships with the tax authorities.

Our tax team always handling a wide range of tax issues.

Accounting & Reporting

We provide a wide range of Accounting Services. Here is a short list of our services:

  • Book-keeping services.

  • Payroll services.

  • Financial and Tax Due Diligence.

  • Financial Advisory and Business Plans.

  • Compilation of financial reports.


We are working with our clients to help them make better and more informed decisions about how they strategically manage capital and transactions in a changing world. Also we work with companies on their most pressing management and operational challenges. Our aim is to help businesses drive competitive advantage by proactively managing their capital agenda which determines how they strategically raise, invest preserve and optimize their capital.

Our team helps clients protect their businesses, improve performance and enable change.

We provide a wide range of consulting services. Here is a short list of our services:

  • HR and Social Insurance management.

  • Fraud Investigation and compliance services.

  • Internal Audit Advisory.

  • Management Consultancy.

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