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Growing your business?

There are plenty of ways to grow your business. It’s just about finding the best growth opportunities. Gaber & Co pride themselves on working with inspirational business owners that want to grow their business.

Growing a business can bring many challenges to business owners that they may have never faced before.  Many decisions need to be made around:

  • How to grow the business

  • How to structure the business

  • Funding for growth

  • Building the right team

  • Letting go of the reins

Our business growth advice spans all of these areas and comes from years of supporting aspirational business owners, across a wide range of sectors, who want to grow their businesses.


What are my business growth options?

  • Organic growth – Your existing business may have plenty of potential to grow long-term in its present form. A sound business plan and marketing plan will help.

  • Merger & acquisition – Buying a business can be a great way to expand geographically, tap into new customers or bolt on additional products. Make your merger or acquisition a success by speaking to our Corporate Finance team.

  • Growing overseas – Trading internationally can offer massive growth potential. Our international services team will help you understand new markets and establish local contacts there

  • Diversification – Diversification into new products, services or markets not only offers growth opportunities but may qualify you for a grant or R&D tax credits. 

What do I need to consider when growing a business?

  1. Finance – Sourcing, applying for and getting the right deal can be tricky, so talk to us about funding for acquisition and funding for additional equipment.

  2. Premises – Do you have room for business growth? If not, we can advise on funding new premises and tax efficient property purchase or leasing.

  3. Outsourcing – Outsourcing key functions such as payrollIT or certain finance functions may free up valuable resources for growth. Explore our other business services.

  4. Tax planning & restructuring – planning or restructuring for maximum tax efficiency can preserve valuable cash to fund business growth. Don’t pay unnecessary tax. Talk to our experts.

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