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Accounting & Reporting

Most entrepreneurs find themselves juggling many disparate roles. Business owners must lead sales efforts, keep operations running smoothly, stay on top of financial issues, and hire and manage key employees. We specialize in helping jugglers keep all those balls in the air. We do more than help businesses meet compliance requirements — we spend time understanding your business, and helping to improve performance.

We understand each engagement is unique. That’s why we don’t use a standard approach. We don’t simply use standard checklists, reports, or procedures. We focus on the client’s specific needs – why you’re interested in the company, what you really need to know, and reporting that quickly and clearly presents data to help you take action.

As part of our process, we address a range of strategic, operational and financial issues. Our overall procedures may include:

Our scope of service:

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  • Implementation and Reporting under IFRS.

  • Book-keeping services.

  • Payroll services.

  • Social Insurance and employee benefit management.

  • Monthly VAT and WHT accounting.

  • Management Financial Reports.

  • ERP Review.


Ahmed Gaber, CPA

Tax & Accounting Partner




Cell: +20(100)116-8840

Phone: +20(2)2454-7464






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