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Back-office Gulf Services

Companies incorporated in the Gulf area, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab of Emirates or Qatar and Kuwait. Does your business in  financial audit or you use detailed testing of your client’s financial records? We get your back with English/ Arabic speaking staff taking care of heavy  duties and leave your team focus on other audit activities. We guarantee job is done accurately and in a good communication matter with your office management. 

We also help start-ups in various areas of SME's accounting and Zakat reporting. 

Back-office services is crucial for your office/ company's efficiencies. Our service will help your firm:

  • Extend your staff by experienced Arabic speaking team members, will boost your firm services.

  • Reduced risks because of human error or fraud of a second eye review.

  • Better time management and meeting the deadlines.

  • Open gate for extending the staff during high busy season.

  • Economic team and engagement management saving higher staff cost based in gulf.

Our scope of service:

  • Drafting polices and procedure of VAT Tax Group.

  • Advisory regarding the VAT tax return submissions.

  • E invoicing ongoing support.

  • Reviewing working papers.

  • Filing audit files.

  • IFRS implementation.

  • Secondment of manpower.

  • Providing IFR and CPA Courses to your employees/ customers.

Contact out team for more ,,,

Bassem Gaber, CPA

Audit & Advisory Partner




Cell: +20(122)499-6555

Phone: +20(2)2454-7464






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